Caring for your Woodenware is Easy:

1. NEVER put your woodenware in the dishwasher
2. Hand wash with warm soapy water. Do not let sit in water!
3. Remove excess water with a clean dry towel
4. Allow to completely air dry on all sides evenly (putting in a dish drainer works well)
5. Do NOT put your woodenware away wet.

Please follow these directions and your woodenware should last many years!

To maintain your woodenware:
Apply a liberal coat of food grade mineral oil (or a small amount of Tried and True Danish oil, walnut oil, or coconut oil) if/when dry spots arise. This could be a week or several months depending on how much it is used and washed with soap.

We recommend you do not use vegetable oils as they can go rancid over time.

To Disinfect: Wipe with vinegar or lemon juice. Let stand one minute, rinse. Apply oil after disinfection.

1. The mugs have a stainless steel insert and the wood parts have a hard finish so they do not need oiled to maintain them.

2. Hand-wash in hot soapy water. Do NOT let it sit in the water.

3. Allow to air dry completely (in a dish drainer works well).

4. Do NOT put any woodenware in the dishwasher.


These mugs have threaded screw on lids. To maintain the seal, use a gentle two-finger tighten so that you do NOT overtighten the lid and cause it to no longer seal.